Spark Group of Companies established in 1974, and Spark Security Services a leading home-grown security service provider committed to professional safeguarding operations in the region since 2003. Our senior management team includes the first female Emirati entrepreneurs to be certified as licensed Security Managers/professionals by the Ministry of Interior.

Spark provides a comprehensive range of security solutions to protect both commercial and residential clients. These include security guarding services, security audits and security equipment installations at entities such as educational institutes, healthcare providers and banking establishments, aviation companies and other private and government clients, in addition to critical infrastructure and national and international events.

Spark guarantees a trustworthy and reliable service, provided through our proven track record of security management and achieved through our technological and innovative approach.

Spark Security Services is recognized for its strict adherence to the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Interior for security operations Abu Dhabi Al Ain & Western Region through the Auxiliary Security Services Department (ASSD); the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai; and the Private Security Firms Regulatory Department (PSFRD) for the Northern Emirates operations.

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Spark Security Services is the leading security provider in the UAE. With over forty years' experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive security solutions to individuals, businesses and properties, Spark Security is the clear choice for your security needs.