Our Guardians

- Our rigorous selection process ensures that Spark Security employs only the most qualified personnel. This process includes the vetting of their education, experience in the industry, physical fitness, and personality.

- All of Spark's guards hold a minimum of higher secondary education, with many who are university graduates. A candidate's existing experience within the security industry is an important consideration, with both local and international experience considered.

- Spark guards must be physically fit and mentally strong. Focus, dedication and the ability to work as part of the Spark Security team are also essential.

- We believe that diversity and multiculturalism enhance our organization and its abilities. Spark Security are truly multinational and include personnel from the Middle East, Europe, Asia & Africa.

- Our guards speak a minimum of two languages, thus providing a valuable resource for our clients, whatever their sector.

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Spark Security Services is the leading security provider in the UAE. With over forty years' experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive security solutions to individuals, businesses and properties, Spark Security is the clear choice for your security needs.