Spark is honoured to be the first security company has been awarded a “Gold Member” of the ‘Tawteen Partners Club’ as a result of our valuable contribution to the long term Emiratization strategy of the UAE government and in supporting MOHRE initiatives to enhance the Emiratization accelerators within the private sector, As the company has employed more than 300 Emirati citizens over the years.

Spark adopt HR best practice models in the UAE, enabling us to employ, develop, and empower Emirati cadres side by side with those of expatriates. We also follow an internal strategy to encourage our prestigious clients and strategic partners to take the advantage of including Emiratis within their manpower plans, changing the culture of mandating Emiratization, therefore empowering the best trained candidates and giving opportunities for development.

Spark is committed to equality of opportunity in recruitment, selection, promotion and all other areas of employment. Our recruitment policy and associated procedures aim to attract high quality staff from all areas of specialty to Spark by ensuring that recruitment and selection processes are effective, systematic, and equitable, promoting equality of opportunity.

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Spark Security Services is the leading security provider in the UAE. With over forty years' experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive security solutions to individuals, businesses and properties, Spark Security is the clear choice for your security needs.