Our core values define everything that Spark Security does, and every member of our organisation shares our commitment to them.

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to safeguarding and protecting our clients and their assets is achieved through applying the highest levels of quality control. Our staff are carefully selected, with only the most highly qualified and trained meeting our requirements; and we work diligently with them to enhance their existing skills through continuous personal development and ongoing training, to ensure that they provide the highest quality service. The caliber of our personnel is demonstrated by the extraordinary number that hold PSBD licenses across a range of sectors. This, combined with industry leading technology, guarantees that our clients can be assured of utmost security.

Commitment to excellence

Spark Security is committed to adhering to industry best practice to provide excellence in service not only to our clients and the UAE community, but also to our employees. We adhere to the most stringent statutory and regulatory requirements for quality of service, while our diligence, professionalism, honesty, and transparency are the foundation of successful long term working relationships with our clients.

Employee welfare is also a key concern of Spark Security Services. Alongside our commitment to industry best practice, is our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our personnel; and to protecting the environment around us. This is demonstrated by the award of the international standard OHSAS 18001:2007.

Commitment to innovation

Spark continues to examine its practices and evolves to adopt best practice in delivering security services. Through innovative technology, talented and highly qualified staff, and robust training programs based on international security standards, our clients are assured that they and their businesses are fully protected.

Commitment to higher standards

Trust is key to developing enduring relationships with our clients. Spark strives to earn and retain that trust through constantly setting new service standards for our organisation and through our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Our personnel are strongly encouraged to play an active role in such causes as blood donation drives and Earth Day cleanups. Spark's objectives 'both commercial and social' are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that we continue to deliver only the highest levels of service.

Commitment to our clients

Spark Security Services commits to delivering its promises to its clients throughout the entire working relationship. The innovative leadership style pioneered by the organisation's management team, in tandem with our dedicated, highly trained and experienced security personnel, guarantees reliability of service.

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Spark Security Services is the leading security provider in the UAE. With over forty years' experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive security solutions to individuals, businesses and properties, Spark Security is the clear choice for your security needs.