Our Guardians

Our rigorous selection process ensures that Spark Security employs only the most qualified Guardians (security personnel). This includes education, experience in the industry, physical fitness, and personality. Education is included as part of the selection criteria. All of Spark's Guardians are educated to a minimum of higher secondary, with many whom are university graduates. Their existing experience within the security industry is an important consideration, with both local and international experience considered. Spark Guardians must be physically fit and mentally strong. Focus, dedication and the ability to work as part of the Spark Security team are also essential.

We believe that diversity and multiculturalism enhance our organisation and its abilities. Spark Security's team is truly multinational, including personnel from North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many speak at least two languages, providing a valuable resource for our clients, whatever sector they operate in.

All members of Spark's organisation, from Guardians through to management are committed to full compliance with the stringent guidelines as set out and regulated by the Abu Dhabi Police and the Private Security Business Department. Our staff have the skills and experience to successfully handle and manage any security threat, actual or potential, that our clients may experience.

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Spark Security Services is the leading security provider in the UAE. With over forty years' experience and a proven track record of successfully delivering comprehensive security solutions to individuals, businesses and properties, Spark Security is the clear choice for your security needs.