Spark provides hotels with round the clock security coverage to ensure guests will feel that they are protected during their stay.

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Hospitals should have accurate and effective security plans to protect patients, staff, visitors and even medical equipment.

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Spark security guards will make sure that everyone entering the bank has legitimate banking business.

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Spark Security has offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khamah and Sharjah, contact us for further information on our services

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to a Whole New Level

Spark Security is a licensed security company in the United Arab Emirates since 1993.

Spark Security Services is dedicated to the safety and security of client assets, ensuring that our customers can conduct their business without disruption. Spark Security Services experience extends across all sections of business entities to include Oilfields, Hospitals, Malls, Estate management, Educational Institutes including Universities and Schools, Ware Housing, Residential Complexes, Commercial Complexes, Supermarkets, Banking, Factories and Retail Brands as well as events.

About Spark Security

Established in 1993, Spark Security has grown into one of the most developed and highly respected professional suppliers of security services in United Arab Emirates.

We are the largest locally-owned security company that offers a variety of on-site manned services tailored to meet all of our client’s security needs.

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JCIA Surveyors appreciated guards for their professionalism, job knowledge and commitment to work.